Chicago's Outfit and the Machine

Hired Truck Scandal Shows Close Ties of the Outfit to Chicago Politicians

Mayor Daley’s former patronage chief, Robert Sorich, was sentenced to 46 months in prison for his role in a corrupt City Hall hiring scheme. The $40 million "hired truck" scandal appears to have been little more than a jobs program for Chicago's Outfit. For a sample of the Sun-Times expose, see the jump menu below

Daley ally and made Outift member Fred Roti awas convicted of racketeering and of fixing murder trials of Outfit members. He also was cited in a federal indictment for the "pervasive' hiring in city jobs of members of the Outfit crew of Angelo "the Hook" LaPietra. This Outfit capo earned his nickname by hanging his victims on meat hooks. Roti also had demanded that William Handhardt be named Chief of Detectives of the CPD. Hanhardt later was convicted of using police investigations to set up robberies.

Long have the days passed when you could see mobsters shooting at oneanother in the streets, selling cigarettes off the back of a truck, or distilling alcohol in nightclub basements. Although the Capone's and Torrio's of today's Chicago Outfit are not as well known as they once were, it has not stopped the Outfit from making a name for itself today and maintaining their alliance with Chicago's Democratic Party.

The Outfit today is made up of police officers, lawyers, politicians, and suave businessmen. One powerful alderman, Fred Roti, was even a "made member" of the mob! Look at Roti's family tree. The black dots are "made members."

Mayor Daley praised Roti as a "true Chicagoan who served his constituents without regard to wealth."

It would be interesting to see who else Daley thinks is a "true Chicagoan."

The "C" in Chicago Stands for Corruption
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Boss of Bosses

Joey Lombardo (right), Outfit boss, in Vegas. Now in Prison.
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The Mayor's Family Secrets

The ties between Mayor Daley and the Outfit were also exposed in the Outfit "Family Secrets" trials. The Sun Times reported "Outfit hit man Nicholas Calabrese on Tuesday implicated a close friend of Mayor Daley's, Fred Barbara, as taking part in the bombing of a suburban restaurant in the early 1980s."

Sun-Times Family Secrets coverage.

Mayor Daley's brother married to daughter of Outfit Don

A brief Outfit history

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Outfit Personalities

From top left to bottom right:
Anthony Doyle, Paul Schiro, James Marcello, Frank Calabrese Sr.,
Joey "The Clown" Lombaro