Full Text Articles by
John Hagedorn

Meda Chesney-Lind
and John Hagedorn,

The first collection of classic and contemporary writings on female gangs ever assembled.

Introductions from

Female Gangs in America:

Also on Female Gangs

"Girl Gangs: Are Girls Getting More Violent?" by John Hagedorn. Streetwise Nov, 1999.

Other Books by
John Hagedorn...

Forsaking Our Children: Bureaucracy and Reform in the Child Welfare System


Milwaukee Reports

The Business of Selling
Drugs in Milwaukee.

A Report to the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.

Drug Posse and Homegirl Studies.
Final Reports

Newspaper Coverage of the Drug Business Study

"Trying To Make A [Dishonest] Buck"
Chicago Sun Times
Thurs, 16 July 1998.

"Norquist Fires Back At Drug 'Business' Survey"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Tues, 16 June 1998.

Time Magazine makes fun of Norquist
July 13, 1998


Academic Articles
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Gangs and Globalization
in Malcolm Klein et al
The Euro-Gang Paradox

"Homeboys, Dopefiends,
Legits, and New Jacks
Criminology 32:2
197-219. 1994

"Cocaine Kicks and Strain:
Patterns of Substance Use
in Milwaukee Gangs"

Part One Part Two

Contemporary Drug Problems 25
113-145. 1998
Phone: (914)279-0362

Fax: (914)279-0259

"The Emperor's New Clothes:
Theory and Method
in Gang Field Research
Free Inquiry - Special Issue:
Gangs Drugs and Violence 24:2
111-122. 1996

"Neighborhoods, Markets,
and Gang Drug Organization"

Part One Part Two

Journal of Research in
Crime and Delinquency
264-294. 199

"Gangs, Neighborhoods,
and Public Policy
Social Problems 38:4
529-542. 1991

"Homeboys, New Jacks and Anomie"
Part One Part Two

Journal of African American Men 3:1
7-28. 1997

"Frat Boys, Bossmen, Studs,
and Gentlemen:
A Typology of Gang Masculinities
From: Masculinities and Violence

edited by L.H. Bowker


Eli Anderson, Terrorism,
and the Method of Social Science

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Associate Professor
Department of Criminal Justice.

University of Illinois-Chicago

Great Cities Fellow 2001-2

Gangs and Terrorism

Hagedorn on NBC Nightly News

Magazine Articles

"Gangs of New York and Chicago"
Chicago Tribune, January 19, 2003

"Why am I getting mugged in Electron Alley?"
Milwaukee's murder rate
just won't go down

Wisconsin Interest Vol 11. No 1

"Murder in Milwaukee"
An article questioning the Mayor's strategy to reduce Milwaukee's high homicide rates.

Wisconsn Interest Vol 9 No 2

"I Do Mind Dying"
An essay on the future of Milwaukee by John Hagedorn.
Reprinted by permission of Milwaukee Magazine.

For More on Milwaukee.